Sleeping Beauty on Canvas – Paula Carlson

Color is my passion.  I want to push nature’s palette to a more vibrant interpretation of what I see. Watercolor was my first medium and I am striving always to get the same fluidity with acrylics, using full brushes of thick paint on a very wet surface for the most intense and expressive color.  In my latest work with figures, I am interested in the flow of color and line inside and outside the body creating a relationship between the shapes and the space that surround them.   In my drawings of the naked body , sexual strength is a force to be reckoned.  Matisse, de Kooning and even the work of the German Expressionists have influenced my drawings and paintings of my ‘nudes with attitude.’  A sense of place has been my choice of subject for a long time and the artists that I admire most: Cezanne, Monet, Homer, and Wyeth all share that same need to express a personal experience of the world around them.  Most of my inspiration comes from the Northwest landscape, from the woods, rocks and water, cottages and gardens of the Oregon Coast.  There is so much drama and mood reflected in the skies and sea that is hard not to be moved by it all.